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Out June 19th 2019:

Symphonic Achievements. Symphonic Achievements is a production that contains several orchestral compositions from a period of 10 years of composing.

As a Master of Arts in music composition for media Yves often composes music for films. Symphonic Achievements is a selection of several Motion Picture compositions from the period 2009-2019. This is the iconic period where he developed his particular style. The opus works are used as program music, which contains a certain attraction for musical storytelling.

Back in his early years Yves worked as a timpanist and percussionist at a local brass band. Later on during his studies we collaborated with string ensembles. Yves developed a special sound for energetic brass, lots of percussion solos and hard working string players.

The particular sound of this album differs from most other symphonic music albums because of a certain different point of view. As a timpani player he developed a different sweet spot for balance in orchestral music to a point on the back of the orchestra, which seldom can be heard or will be romantisized by well known conductors or musical directors.

Through this album Yves tries to open up views on different balances within the orchestra which are not particularly less beautiful.

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