The young multi-talented Dutch composer-producer Yves Vroemen (1987) wrote an ode to Venice, city of love. The plagued city has had to make the mental leap in a short time from "overflowing by tourists" to "abandoned by attacks by the oldest enemy of man."


The lagoon, however, has had to deal with the capriciousness of the tides since human memory, and what has always kept her going is resilience and confidence. Whether man moved by gondola, vaporetto or cruise ship, the arches, bridges and palaces remained proud and the magic of the squares continued to attract and enchant people.


It is precisely this experience, with an eye for both the eternal value and the challenges of modern times, united by the play of brilliance and reflection and with surprising glimpses and perspectives, that Vroemen has incorporated into this modern piece in classical style. Reverence, wonder and challenge come together in this journey through the city of love.

Venice Variations

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  • Venice Variations Album containing 28 minutes of classical symphonic orchestra music.

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