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Nu op alle streamingsdiensten en CD

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Grotere concertwerken

The Journey (2007) Symphonic Orchestra, Brassband
Mountaineers (2007) Symphonic Orchestra, Brassband
Avanti (2008) Symphonic Orchestra, Brassband
Taken (2009) Symphonic Orchestra
The Imperial Army (2010) Symphonic Orchestra
Revelation (2011) Symphonic Orchestra
Alliance (2011) Symphonic Orchestra
Venice Variations (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Escaping Reality (2020) Symphonic Orchestra
Variation on: Obstacle (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Variations on: Change (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Variations on: Journey (2022) Symphonic Orchestra

Andere concertwerken

Lost (2008) Symphonic Orchestra
The Messenger (2008) Symphonic Orchestra
Conspiracy (2009) Symphonic Orchestra
In Memoriam (2009) Symphonic Orchestra
Seas (2009) Symphonic Orchestra
Dragon Hunters (2009) Symphonic Orchestra
Twilight (2009) Symphonic Orchestra
Wildlands (2010) Symphonic Orchestra, Brassband
Achievement (2010) Symphonic Orchestra
Last Man Standing (2010) Symphonic Orchestra
Medieval Festival (2010) Symphonic Orchestra
Lost Memories (2010) Symphonic Orchestra
Desire (2011) Symphonic Orchestra
Swallowed by the Sea (2011) Symphonic Orchestra
Il Palazzo Ducale dall'acqua (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Eleganza (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Marea (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Il Destino dei Veneziani (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Addio alla Bellezza (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Segui i Topi (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Non Possiamo Più Aspettare (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Stanno Annegando (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
Le Onde Sembrano Superare (2019) Symphonic Orchestra
In Memoriam (2020) Symphonic Orchestra
Optimism (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Courageous (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Bottled Up Emotions (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Conviction (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Perseverance (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Strength (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Decisiveness (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Determination  (2021) Symphonic Orchestra
Journey (2022) Symphonic Orchestra
Crossroads of Canopy (2022) Symphonic Orchestra
Where the Forests Meet the Stars (2022) Symphonic Orchestra
Foggy Pines in First Light (2022) Symphonic Orchestra
Blizzard - A Point of No Return (2022) Symphonic Orchestra
Crossing the Glacier (2022) Symphonic Orchestra
Mountaineers (2022) Symphonic Orchestra



De Bertha, EYE Amsterdam (2014)
Christmas Island, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2013)
Vanuatu, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Faroe Islands, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Indonesia, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Patagonia, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Sicily, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
New Zealand, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Brussels, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
America, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
The Netherlands, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Greece, The Greatest Place On Earth Series (2016)
Nijmegen Timelapse (2016)
Alois (2016) Foley


Engeltje (2017)
Little Angel (2017)


The Olive Tree (2013) Grand Piano, String Ensemble, Percussion
Fantasie (2013) Grand Piano solo
God, Why Did You Leave Me (2014) Opera, Symphonic Orchestra, Ensemble
Oasis (2015) Ensemble
Impact (2015) Opera, Ensemble, Electronics, Choral
Sketches of: The Little Mermaid (2015) Ensemble
Time, Christian Vincent Jung (2017) Ensemble, Electronics, Choreography

Advertising/Sonic Brands

Film Front Festival (2013)
Amanda Sauerkraut (2015)
AMREF Flying Doctors, Doelgerichter  (2016)
SIMAVI, Doelgerichter  (2016)
Cordaid, Doelgerichter (2016)
Fonds Verstandelijke Gehandicapten, Doelgerichter (2016)
Alzheimer Nederland, Doelgerichter (2016 - 2022)
Artsen Zonder Grenzen, Doelgerichter (2017)
Cordaan, Creative Cave (2017)
Painter Jazz (2017)
Stichting Dierenlot, Doelgerichter (2017 - 2022)
Hannie Schaft (2020)
Kamp Amersfoort (2021)


Debbie, Mladen Suknovic (2011)
Project Nessun Dorma, Somerlust (2018)
Alsof het geen water is, Phil Vroemen (2018) 


Hannie Schaft Herdenking (2020)
Kamp Amersfoort (2021)
Nationale Vredes Event (2022)



Struggle Of Life, C&T (2016)
I Miss You, C&T (2016)
Tell Me Your Story, C&T (2016)
De Mooiste Dat Ben Jij, C&T (2016)
We Are The Winners, C&T (2016)
Driving Through Life, C&T (2016)
Dont Wanna Miss A Thing, C&T (2016)
Stay Until The End, C&T (2016)
Without You, R&V (2016)
There's More, C&T (2016)
Language Of Love, C&T (2016)
Feel The Wind, C&T (2016)
Beach FunC&T (2016)
I Like Orange, C&T (2016)
Remember me, C&T (2016)
Come To The PoolC&T (2016)
My Eyes Where Closed (Far Too Long), C&T (2016)
Generation Y, C&T (2016)
One Of Us, C&T (2016)
New Year, C&T (2016)
Go On Baby, C&T (2016)
Disappointment, C&T (2016)
Watching All Over Again, C&T (2016)
Chill-out Lounge, C&T (2016)
Papa, C&T (2017)

Good Things Are Coming, C&T (2018)
Kiss On The Cheek, C&T (2018)
True Love, C&T (2018)
Where Are You Now, C&T (2018)
Picture In My Head, C&T (2018)
What Did I Do, C&T (2018)
Dreaming All My Life, C&T (2018)
Mysterious Birds, C&T (2019)
Enough Is Enough, C&T (2019)
I Will Go Home Roraima, YVM (2020)
Leeg Zonder Jou, (C&T) (2020)
Als Het Even Kon, C&T (2020)

Another Time To Live, C&T (2020)
En Toen Kwam Jij, C&T (2022)


Ik Heb Een Hoedje Op Mijn Toetje, V2M (2015)
Je Bent Een Oliebol, Laveloos (2016)
Ik Werd Naast Je Wakker, Laveloos (2017)
Vastelaovendj mit Guus & Anja (2019)
Hoempapa & La-La-La, Laveloos (2019)
De Muziektrein, Laveloos (2020)
De Piratenboot, Laveloos (2020)
Staande Beer, Laveloos (2020)


We Are The Winners, C&T (2016)
Let's Get Rid Of This Mess (Ocean Clean-up), C&T (2017)
De Kinderen Zijn Je Dankbaar (Ocean Clean-up), C&T (2019)
We Zijn Er Toch Voor Iedereen, V&V (2019)


I Will Dance With You, C&T (2016)
Laddertje, DJ EC (2018)
Spacecake, DJ EC (2018)
Spacecake Remix, DJ Caldwyn (2019)
Spacetime, DJ EC (2020)
Level 5, DJ EC (2020)

Meditation/Easy Listening

Universe Sounds (2013) Electronics
Botanic Garden (2013) Ensemble, Sound Effects
The Lonely Flute (2014) Ensemble, Tin Whistle
All Seasons, Meditation Flow (2019)
Dutch Meditation, (2019) Harp, Synth


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